Experiences Imagined

There she sits, drifting within memories. Only her imagination to keep her company. With her eyes closed, she feels the sun as it covers her skin with beams of warmth. A steady breeze brushing through her hair. The smell of fresh flowers, grass, the air… the smell of spring. And there she sits, in the... Continue Reading →



“Floccinaucinihilipilification”: The act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant, or having no value or being worthless (Wiktionary). That is a long word for pointing out something unimportant! That’s why I like this word (and I managed learning how to spell it correctly. I see this as a little win).  I heard it... Continue Reading →


Time, it runs like a train, flies like a plane. Taken for granted, with no care, gone it will be, wasted, none to spare. With me, my precious time will one day die, when is unbeknownst to me, so that is why: "Please grant me my time, leave me to my chores, don't be a... Continue Reading →

My first written musical piece

After eight years, I finally managed to write down one of my own compositions. Until now, I have stored it in my memory for years, hoping I’d never forget it. I didn’t always have the chance to play it as I didn’t always had my piano with me. Luckily, I have a very capable memory... Continue Reading →

Futile existence

She keeps repeating it everyday. It’s really frustrating for us, but it must be devastating for her. The way she approaches one of us, with that desperate, lost look in her eyes. Always a bit teary too. Her hair always deranged. One of the nurses may have combed it just ten minutes ago, and already... Continue Reading →

Felines and hedgehogs

Oh feline, how we are so familiar. A nature so curious, at times suddenly furious. Things I feel that makes us similar. And hedgehog, how we are so alike. when threatened balled up in spikes, protected from danger when it strikes. To shoo away what we dislike. Both animals represent me in part. a feline,... Continue Reading →

Our origins

Look up at the sky. What do you see? What you see is where you come from. All the dust, the matter, created us due to chaotic circumstances. And that's the way we will go. Out of dust, we chaotically came to live. And into dust, we chaotically will return. Only to wonder now, where... Continue Reading →


Solitude, a friend to me, so often when all the sociables cloud my mind. What I need for my spirit to soften, an accomplish to help me unwind. Take it from me and I will, wind up, my spirit it breaks, I snap, I bite, sarcasm shakes, for too much of everyone makes me ill.... Continue Reading →

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