Hey little sis…

“Hey sis… remember when we were home?

With the trees, the berries and the bees?

Where we would play in the garden, about good and bad,

but most of all, still with mom and dad?”

“Hey sis… remember when I went on a vacation?

They said so I could rest, it was for the best.

I had to take clothes and stuff, all so wicked,

but why not tell me it was a one way ticket?”

“Hey sis… remember when we were together again?

With all these riches, oh I called them bitches,

all these too cools for schools,

I was so glad to leave these fools.”

“I’m sorry I left sis, boarding school is not for troubled kids.

I had to live with “our kind”, got checked, my mind.

These kids know what’s up, most of all what’s down…

all had to leave their parents and their towns…”

“Hey sis… for you I hoped better…

Well, at least we’re back together.

Remember how I kicked asses and broke glasses?

In hopes the robbing of you one day passes?”

“Well sis… again we are ripped apart.

To live on another part,

of this childhood institution full of sad stories,

where about the children, the educator worries.”

“Oh sis… home is far away now,

but for other troubles I will not bow.

Remember how I kicked in that door, so wack,

only to get you your money back?”

“Hey sis… years and years went by.

And I could see time fly…

then we had to say goodbye,

to our dad who lived at home, now in the sky,

where we couldn’t stay, still, why?”

“Hey sis… remember when we went on a vacation?

Where they told us to rest, it’s for the best.

Remember how we would come back home

and how that saying was as real as a gnome?”

Sisters by Unknown
Image by Unknown

To all the kids living in an institution by child protective services, it gets better. You can make it better. Six years institutionalised, six years missing out on childhood-teenage things and wishes. But six years of experience only “our kind” will get. And that’s a win. Never let anyone take that away from you.


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