What’s in a name

I had to write a poem once, describing a bit about myself while spelling out my name with the first letter of each sentence. I wrote two versions, one in Dutch (the original) and one in English. Personally, the version in Dutch is my favourite because it expresses my poem the strongest. I did my best to translate this expressiveness into English as well and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.
To be fair, I’m not so keen on revealing my real name online (anywhere). Everywhere online, I’m Rainkat. But, for the sake of poetry and my attempt to produce some art, why not? Also, aren’t anagrams neat?

Nederlands is wat ik spreek…

k heb de wereld en nergens is vanwaar ik kom.
Altijd wel lief en toch inslaand als een bom.
Tijd heb ik met zeeën maar kom altijd zo laat.
Rijk van niks en toch bij alles baat.
In de horizon verdwijnen is wat ik wil.
Naar anderen of alleen het maakt geen verschil.
Altijd al zo anders en toch weer niet,
och wat doet me dat verdriet.

… and English is what I learn.

Knowing the world yet nowhere is from whence I came.
Always kind of sweet, still burning like a flame.
Time is my wealth, still, late is when I’ll show.
Rich of nothing, but everything I know.
In the horizon, disappear is what I want.
Neither with others or alone, no difference in front.
All the time so different, yet still very similar,
the grief this brings to me, is particular.

Drama Masks by Unknown
Duality Masks by Unknown



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