Still-Life: Flowers

My first still-life of flowers in oil pastels. I started drawing the roses and came up with the rest (is it still a still-life then? I honestly don't know). It's not perfect, kind of messed up those white flowers between the purple one and the rose. Looks more like a balled up handkerchief. Well, pretty... Continue Reading →


Portrets: Voltaire and Mozart

My two most favourite men of history: Voltaire (there will never be a greater smartass than this man) and Mozart (no composer moves me like this man does). Not that satisfied with their noses, they could've been done way better. I was more focussed on the colours, they are my first portraits in coloured pencils.... Continue Reading →

Self-Portrait: Shattered Mind

Self-portrait manga-style, with coloured pencils. What it means will be up to you to figure out. I don't like to explain my drawings. I'm not that happy with the photograph though, it ruins the colours. It's to big to put into a scanner as well (A3-format). Feel free to let me know what you think!... Continue Reading →

A wall so tall

A wall so tall, over many I crawl, but this one seems final. With face against I stand, while sinking deeper in sand. I feel canned, by life I’m banned, at this crash land, nothing more at hand. This wall, it’s screaming. My life by dark skies redeeming, nothing more happens, but dreaming. It all... Continue Reading →

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