Masks (Part II)

“Sweetie? Dear? Are you still in there? You need to come out some time soon hun, you haven’t eaten for over a day now,” It’s my mother’s voice. I do hear worry in it and it does sound sincere. But I’m still not going to answer her. No one is getting through that door unless... Continue Reading →



Another ordinary day in my ordinary life. Walking home from my ordinary school to my ordinary house. Sometimes things just get so boring. Not that my life is bad at all, actually I think I’m doing pretty well. Good grades, parents that get along very well and many friends to hang out with. Maybe that’s... Continue Reading →

The white room

We both didn’t understand what was happening. Not anymore. We’ve completely lost our grasp on our existence, I think. We could only think. I saw how my mate slipped away for a moment, but a sudden loud, screeching sound prevented that from happening. He quickly raised his head, so did I. The sound made it... Continue Reading →

Humanity’s ghost

I can remember when I was watching a scary movie in my second foster home. Along with the other kids. While they were obviously scared, I just sat there, eating my popcorn and occasionally being grossed-out when, well, the movie was doing the gross-out. You know, the occasional severed body-part or something like that suddenly... Continue Reading →

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