Time, it runs like a train, flies like a plane. Taken for granted, with no care, gone it will be, wasted, none to spare. With me, my precious time will one day die, when is unbeknownst to me, so that is why: "Please grant me my time, leave me to my chores, don't be a... Continue Reading →


My first written musical piece

After eight years, I finally managed to write down one of my own compositions. Until now, I have stored it in my memory for years, hoping I’d never forget it. I didn’t always have the chance to play it as I didn’t always had my piano with me. Luckily, I have a very capable memory... Continue Reading →


Solitude, a friend to me, so often when all the sociables cloud my mind. What I need for my spirit to soften, an accomplish to help me unwind. Take it from me and I will, wind up, my spirit it breaks, I snap, I bite, sarcasm shakes, for too much of everyone makes me ill.... Continue Reading →

Thin as air

As thin as air I move about, in my search for something suffice. The more I do, I fade out, through hope, myself I entice. Does anyone hear me? Does anyone see me? Do I exist at all? As thin as air I move about, as I hear your story so often again, "Stop! No... Continue Reading →

I’m in control

Fire inside, it hurts, within my heart it bursts. The energy, makes me lose myself, stacking it up, like fury on a shelf. Stop, quit hurting, oh the shame, how come all is on me to blame! It’s eating me away, oh the guilt, years it took within me, for it to build. I’m losing,... Continue Reading →

Shattering symptoms

1. Please (don’t) leave me be, for I know of your wish to get out. My desperate cries making you flee, ‘Then go!’ (but don’t), I shout. 2. I love you, but I hate you, You’re magnificent, resplendent, excellent! I really (dis)like you, it’s true, for you’re insignificant, irrelevant, unimportant… 3. Like a chameleon, my... Continue Reading →

Self-Portrait: Shattered Mind

Self-portrait manga-style, with coloured pencils. What it means will be up to you to figure out. I don't like to explain my drawings. I'm not that happy with the photograph though, it ruins the colours. It's to big to put into a scanner as well (A3-format). Feel free to let me know what you think!... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name

I had to write a poem once, describing a bit about myself while spelling out my name with the first letter of each sentence. I wrote two versions, one in Dutch (the original) and one in English. Personally, the version in Dutch is my favourite because it expresses my poem the strongest. I did my... Continue Reading →

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