Mirror mirror on the wall, this fight we keep will hurt us all. I weep, at me you smile and grin, how to stop the war I keep within I feel, it is so contradictory, craving love, reflection’s hate finds glory. Mirror mirror reflect to me some advice, although your treacherous words I do despise.... Continue Reading →


The white room

We both didn’t understand what was happening. Not anymore. We’ve completely lost our grasp on our existence, I think. We could only think. I saw how my mate slipped away for a moment, but a sudden loud, screeching sound prevented that from happening. He quickly raised his head, so did I. The sound made it... Continue Reading →

Addicted to melancholy

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I kind of am addicted to sad stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I have a positive look on life. I’m pretty happy right now, it’s just that I really like sad music. I like feeling some sort of sadness. Melancholic. It makes me feel alive and it’s the only feeling... Continue Reading →

Humanity’s ghost

I can remember when I was watching a scary movie in my second foster home. Along with the other kids. While they were obviously scared, I just sat there, eating my popcorn and occasionally being grossed-out when, well, the movie was doing the gross-out. You know, the occasional severed body-part or something like that suddenly... Continue Reading →

A wall so tall

A wall so tall, over many I crawl, but this one seems final. With face against I stand, while sinking deeper in sand. I feel canned, by life I’m banned, at this crash land, nothing more at hand. This wall, it’s screaming. My life by dark skies redeeming, nothing more happens, but dreaming. It all... Continue Reading →

Hey little sis…

“Hey sis… remember when we were home? With the trees, the berries and the bees? Where we would play in the garden, about good and bad, but most of all, still with mom and dad?” “Hey sis… remember when I went on a vacation? They said so I could rest, it was for the best.... Continue Reading →


Oh, hard to see it must be, to live in the tower that is me. To stay stuck, lonely, not moving on, this way of being, never will it be gone. To most, it’s only an imagination, only some theoretical information. For yourself must have been, to know what’s this tower within. Not just any... Continue Reading →

A chicken’s love

How dare you love yourself through me The chicken that only herself she’ll see The feelings myself betray, upon yourself you lay Feelings of love from you I so long for, but only yourself, you will adore Whatever I do, you say you do better Comparing has always been your mood setter Is this the... Continue Reading →

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