Oh, hard to see it must be, to live in the tower that is me. To stay stuck, lonely, not moving on, this way of being, never will it be gone. To most, it’s only an imagination, only some theoretical information. For yourself must have been, to know what’s this tower within. Not just any... Continue Reading →

A chicken’s love

How dare you love yourself through me The chicken that only herself she’ll see The feelings myself betray, upon yourself you lay Feelings of love from you I so long for, but only yourself, you will adore Whatever I do, you say you do better Comparing has always been your mood setter Is this the... Continue Reading →

Love is absurd

My love for you, feels so neat, but oh, how it is bittersweet. For I can’t touch, nor feel, only long, and somehow, it feels so wrong. I can imagine only, it makes me feel so lonely. To love who no longer is, long ago left, into the abyss. My thoughts of you, almost alcoholic,... Continue Reading →

The Juniper Tree

Today I read the story about the Juniper Tree, from the brothers Grimm. And man, stories back than sure were morbid. I prefer the original untouched stories way more than the ones we have today. Polished and made spotless, sugarcoated, turned into a fairytale. Safe for kids. Like a diamond grinded into a jewel, from... Continue Reading →

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