Thin as air

As thin as air I move about, in my search for something suffice. The more I do, I fade out, through hope, myself I entice. Does anyone hear me? Does anyone see me? Do I exist at all? As thin as air I move about, as I hear your story so often again, "Stop! No... Continue Reading →


Stuck in the middle with

Sewn together with what is sick, apart from it in this life, I will not stick. Though belonging to me it should not, for one day it will make me tie the knot.   Lost with and lost without… but oh, do make me shout! Take me over whenever, if you will, the fire from... Continue Reading →

I’m in control

Fire inside, it hurts, within my heart it bursts. The energy, makes me lose myself, stacking it up, like fury on a shelf. Stop, quit hurting, oh the shame, how come all is on me to blame! It’s eating me away, oh the guilt, years it took within me, for it to build. I’m losing,... Continue Reading →

Shattering symptoms

1. Please (don’t) leave me be, for I know of your wish to get out. My desperate cries making you flee, ‘Then go!’ (but don’t), I shout. 2. I love you, but I hate you, You’re magnificent, resplendent, excellent! I really (dis)like you, it’s true, for you’re insignificant, irrelevant, unimportant… 3. Like a chameleon, my... Continue Reading →

Masks (Part II)

“Sweetie? Dear? Are you still in there? You need to come out some time soon hun, you haven’t eaten for over a day now,” It’s my mother’s voice. I do hear worry in it and it does sound sincere. But I’m still not going to answer her. No one is getting through that door unless... Continue Reading →

Still-Life: Flowers

My first still-life of flowers in oil pastels. I started drawing the roses and came up with the rest (is it still a still-life then? I honestly don't know). It's not perfect, kind of messed up those white flowers between the purple one and the rose. Looks more like a balled up handkerchief. Well, pretty... Continue Reading →

Portrets: Voltaire and Mozart

My two most favourite men of history: Voltaire (there will never be a greater smartass than this man) and Mozart (no composer moves me like this man does). Not that satisfied with their noses, they could've been done way better. I was more focussed on the colours, they are my first portraits in coloured pencils.... Continue Reading →

Self-Portrait: Shattered Mind

Self-portrait manga-style, with coloured pencils. What it means will be up to you to figure out. I don't like to explain my drawings. I'm not that happy with the photograph though, it ruins the colours. It's to big to put into a scanner as well (A3-format). Feel free to let me know what you think!... Continue Reading →

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